Dr. Gregory Christopher Mertes, Review

Dr. Gregory Christopher Mertes, Review

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by ASull, Jan. 09, 2011

I take both of my children to Dr. Mertes and always have had excellent care. Dr. Mertes and the staff are very professional and great with the kids. My son has had two cavities filled in the past two years and my daughter has only had to have a space maintainer put in. Dr. Mertes does a great job of talking to the kids and making sure they understand how important it is to brush and floss every day. Coming from the doctor makes much more of an impression than I do!  In addition to my personal positive opinion I recently received an outside "endorsement" of Dr. Mertes's work when I took my daughter to the orthodontist for an evaluation. The orthodontist saw her space maintainer Dr. Mertes had put in, and he commented that it is really helping her teeth stay in position while the others are coming in and that not many dentists go the extra mile to do this. He said it's going to help her in the long run when it comes to (much more expensive) ortho work.

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by akronmom 2011-01-13 16:06:09
I completely agree with you.  Dr.Mertes and his staff are patient and understanding with all three of my children.  I have taken my children to other general dentists who never once even took an x-ray on my child. He and the staff both take time to educate and also answer any questions that I may have.  All of my kids have had cavities due to the fact the previous dentist never took an x-ray.  I am very happy that we found Dr. Mertes.
be prepared to get a second opinion
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by tigereye, Sep. 01, 2010

I took my 2 year old son to Dr Mertes for his first dentist appointment for a check up and cleaning. I found a brown spot between his two front teeth and another on the front of his first top molar and those were the main reasons for the visit.  After viewing Dr Merte's website and talking to the receptionists on the phone, I felt very confident that my son would be treated with total patience and kindness, and with my son being terrified of any doctor, I knew I would need that in his dentist in order for the visit to be a success. The staff was nice, but just nice enough, nothing more really. I could tell when the assistant came out that she was getting impatient when my son didn't want to go back, but was trying not to show it. After a bit of coaxing, we got my son in a position for his teeth to be examined and Dr Mertes spent maybe a minute poking each tooth and naming off work that needed to be done on each one as he went. He decided he needed to do a lot of fillings and a pulpotomy and wanted to sedate him, which I agreed would be the best option. He then asked if I would like to just do the cleaning while he was sedated so he could do a better job... however I had already paid for the entire visit before they had even taken my son back, which included a cleaning. Then he sat back and gave me a troubled look and asked why I thought his teeth were so bad. Coming in thinking my son only had two bad spots on his teeth, I didn't know how to answer this question and was left feeling a bit like a child being lectured. I have always brushed his teeth and never had a problem with the bottle, but he drinks juice, so I figured that's what caused it. By the time I left I had a list of dental work that totaled at $2,152.00, plus 900 for an hour and a half of sedation. I left with the understanding from Dr Mertes that my son needed one pulpotomy, but on the list there were 3, along with 3 caps (crowns) and 5 fillings. I was sick for the next few days wondering where I went wrong and how could I put him through all that work. I also had a hard time believing he needed 3 pulpotomies when he has never once complained of any pain and has absolutely no discoloration or holes in his teeth. The 2 brown spots he had didn't look at all like it could possibly be down to the root, but I'm no dentist, so I decided to get a second opinion. The second dentist saw only the 2 spots I had originally found. I asked him to review what Dr Mertes wanted to do and he even took a second look in my sons mouth to see if he possibly missed something, only to tell us he just didn't see anything else. No xrays were taken at either dentist due to my son's non-cooperation so they both had the same look in his mouth. The second dentist decided on 2 caps in the front teeth and one filling, and the 2 caps would have been 2 fillings if we would have chosen to have him awake during the procedure. His total was $1,071.00 plus 700 for an hour and a half of sedation. So, somehow, Dr Mertes was going to do 5 fillings, 3 pulpotomies, and 3 caps in the same amount of time the second dentist plans to do 2 caps and 1 filling. A little strange I think. Needless to say I'm getting his teeth fixed with the second dentist and I had to call Mertes' office back to ask them to refund my money for the cleaning that never happened. I feel like I took my son to a money factory of sorts with Dr Mertes, like the entire staff were robots, talking to everyone, including me, like children as if that's all it takes to get a child to want to go to the dentist. The amount of work he wanted to do was outrageous and it turned out more than half of it was completely unnecessary. I use Care Credit and I have a limit and they seemed to just barely go over it, giving the chance for them to suggest I raise it another $1,000.00 to be sure I can cover anything else that might come up along the way. I suggest finding another dentist, unless you want yours and your child's mouth ripped out.

* this reviewer has be with this dentist for <6 months
* this reviewer had 3 - 5 dentists before.
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by mom1474 2010-12-18 00:00:37
I am in same situation except I permitted Dr Mertes to do all dental work and he did other work that was never talked about and I am not entirely comfortable that was really needed.  My big was HUGE to say the least.  I am consulting attorney as I think something is going on.  Staff very friendly, doctor short and not very professional.  I am sick inside for not following my gut and NOT allowing him to see my son, although I have heard good things and tried to be positive - I will never go back to the office again.
by mom623 2011-01-11 17:16:07
I am in same situation - I spent weeks feeling awful wondering how I could have gone so wrong - Dr Mertes talks down to me and would not completely answer any of my questions - he performed a surgery on my son for ONE thing and it ended up being multiple things - he NEVER came out of OR to let me know....now he tells me my son needs another surgery bc he  couldnt finish before - lots of side conversations with himself and I still do not understand what is going on - outrageous bills, NO courtesy from him and my son still has dental trouble - would NEVER recommend Dr Mertes to anyone.  I am still sick about this.

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